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Speciality tyre services

Tyre Works Mega Mt Maunganui has invested heavily into top of the line tyre maintenance and diagnostic equipment. Our investment in the latest technology and equipment means we can offer you a complete tyre and wheel diagnosis that is unique in New Zealand.

We work with a number of the premium European franchise and specialist dealerships in maintaining and diagnosing tyre issues for top of the line premium vehicles. 

Our store has:

  • Premium Hunter Hawkeye Elite Wheel Alignment machine 

  • Hunter Road Force Balancing equipment  (the only Road Force Balance machine in the Bay of Plenty area)

Light Truck Tyres

We also have expertise in heavy vehicle tyre changing, any vehicle up to 5 ton in total laden weight.

Correct tyre types

Trucks have different tyres which are specifically designated for different parts of the vehicle. These can be trailer tyres, drive tyres, steering tyres and more. In addition to this, using the correct "dual" load rating is essential for not only road safety but for passing CoF.

Find the best value

It's easy for tyre shops to immediately recommend a premium/high-end truck tyre - such as Michelin or Continental, but premium tyre prices can make even the most experienced truck owner grimace.

Our team is dedicated to finding the best option for your heavy vehicle, at the most affordable prices available to us.   

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Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignments are essential for your vehicle and its maintenance. Correctly aligned vehicles drive better, handle better, reduce tire wear, and are significantly safer.

Wheel alignment checks are free

Our specialist wheel alignment checks take as little as 60-seconds. Once completed we'll give you a visual report, so you can see if your wheels need aligning and exactly where, and why your tyres maybe wearing out prematurely.

World-class technology

Unlike any other alignment, Tyre Works Mega use the world-renowned 'Hunter Hawkeye Elite' alignment equipment.  It provides an incredibly accurate wheel alignment, and it's fast, so there's no hanging around.

Tyre and Wheel Diagnostics

We have the latest technology and equipment on hand to offer you a complete tyre and wheel diagnosis, which is unique in New Zealand.

Does your vehicle pull to one side, vibrate, shudder and shake? Are you struggling with your steering or handling? If we can't solve your wheel and tyre issues with this equipment - no one can!

We are the only tyre stores in the country to offer both 'leverless' tyre changes and road force balancing, resulting in perfectly balanced wheels. In some cases, we can have your car driving "better than new".

Made by Hunter Engineering in the USA, these machines are 'State of the Art' and can be used on top European and American vehicles - NZ and Japanese models.

For more information, talk to the team at our Mt Maunganui store.

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