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Tyre Works Mega - A business with a family at its heart

Tyre Works Mega is more than just a tyre shop, we’re a family business. Sick of seeing people get duped in the tyre game, Tyre Works Mega owners Keith, Lauren, Alistair and Melanie decided to change the rules.

As great mates and business partners Keith and Alistair make up the heart of Tyre Works Mega, overseeing our team.

Lauren and Melanie while not working in the stores keep the promotional side, marketing and social media ticking over. 

We bring the expertise

We’re proud to be locally owned and operated. Keith, a keen automotive enthusiast and experienced retail business owner, is Operations Manager, making sure things run smoothly on the floor. Lauren keeps the wheels on financially. Alistair has an engineering background and brings a precision to Tyre Works and a wealth of specialised knowledge.

We have a great team in Mt Maunganui, with a team who draw on over 35 years of experience working in the tyre industry. It’s fair to say we’re know our tyres.

"We’ve seen too many people get ripped off in the tyre business – we want use to use our skills in service to bring back fairness and honesty to the industry."

Lauren & Keith - Tyre Works Mega

We're staunchly independent

We’re one of the biggest independent tyre shops in the Bay of Plenty, and this independence means a lot to us. It means we aren’t tied to any specific brand of tyre, so our customers aren’t either. Our tyre selection has been carefully selected and tested to give our customers quality and value for money - and the best tyres for their vehicle and driving type.

Being independent means we call the shots and we aren't beholden to a corporate tyre chain. It gives us the freedom to acquire the highest quality equipment, and offer our customers the premium  quality service and products which only a family business can.

What you see is what you get

We’re tired of seeing people get ripped off when it comes to their tyres. We’re committed to being open and honest about pricing from the beginning, so you never get a nasty surprise, and you know you are getting a fair and consistent advertised price. Talk to us today on 0800 634 289 or request a free quote for new tyres, specialty tyres and used tyres.

Keeping you safe

The purpose of your tyres is to keep your car stuck to the road and ensure it stops safely when you need it to. We’re driven to make sure your tyres are the best for the job. This includes offering free checks every six months, and teaching our customers how to get the best life out of their tyres.

We understand that every customer is different. Whether you’re a tradie, a busy mum or a premium car collector, you should be in the know with what’s keeping your car rolling. At Tyre Works Mega, we put in the time to find out about your driving lifestyle, so that your tyres can be perfectly suited. Our friendly and experienced team are always there to answer your questions and offer advice on all things tyre-related.

Get tyres you can trust.


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