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4x4 tyres

Quality tyres that take you where you need to go

At Tyre Works Mega, we understand that there’s no point having an optimal-performance car without the tyres to support it.

Whether you use your 4x4 tyres for work, play or family life, you can’t escape rugged New Zealand roads. You need high-quality, dependable tyres that give you long range, protection and stability for these rougher roads.

best 4x4 tyres for ute

We’ve handpicked the best 4x4 tyres in the industry

Our team have done their research on everything 4x4, from Ute tyres to SUV tyres. We know what makes 4x4 tyres different from the rest. We work with premium brands like Mickey Thompson tyres because they’re hands down the best 4x4 tyre on the market for performance, strength and durability.

To meet the budgets and needs of all our customers, we also stock the Kuhmo and Goodride 4x4 range – exceptional tyres at very affordable prices.

So what do you need from your 4x4 tyres?


Mickey Thompson 4x4 tyres have 12.5% deeper tread than other tyres, which gives them better traction and resistance to damage. Their modern tread patterns clear water quickly and reduce chipping and tearing, all leading to a longer life for your tyres.


Mickey Thompson 4x4 tyres have stronger sidewalls with 20% more rubber, reducing the chance of damage, and allowing your tyres to bear more weight. Their unique tread designs provide protection for these sidewalls, particularly when off-roading. These are what protects your tyres when you’re busy getting out of deep ruts or crunching over gravel.


Mickey Thompson tyres have the world’s largest and most diverse range of 4x4 tyres, from 30” to 54” diameters and 8” to 19.5” wide! This means there’s a tyre for every type of 4WD vehicle, whether it be a grunty work ute, practical family car or something in between.

Whatever 4x4 means to you, our team is here to help you find your perfect tyre match


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