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Car tyres

Getting the most out of your car tyres

At Tyre Works Mega, we understand that car tyres are both a science and an art. With over 35 years experience in car diagnostics, it’s fair to say we’ve seen our fair share of tyres.

From performance tyres to everyday road tyres, we want to make things simple for you, while giving you the knowledge you need to get the most out of your tyres.

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So what’s important in a tyre?

The first job of a tyre is to keep you on the road and make sure you stop when you need to. When it comes to safety, we need to ensure your tyres are matched with your vehicle. To do this, we need to know where you are going, and what type of driving you’re doing.

The right tyres will work with your car to support your lifestyle. This is where we come in: we find out exactly what new tyres you need to give you the optimal driving experience.

We’ve got the whole range, from everyday road tyres to high performance tyres, and being independent means we can stock any line we choose. We’ve done the hard work for our customers and handpicked the best of the best for performance and value – Pirelli, Mickey Thompson, Good Year, Kumho, Federal and Goodride.

The stone chip used in Northland roads is significantly different to that used in the South Island. This means, if you want good mileage and maximum wear, that you need a completely different tyre in the North compared with the South.

Taking care of your tyres

Finding the right tyres is only the first step. Your tyres are like a good pair of shoes: look after them properly, and they’ll last you longer. At Tyre Works, we’re here to help.


Every time we fit a new tyre, we’ll do a basic balance check. In other words, we’ll see that they’re spinning evenly to give you maximum life and longevity in tyre wear.


We recommend popping in every three months to get your tyre pressure checked to ensure your tyres are at optimum levels. If your pressure is too low, you run the risk of destroying your tyres. Every six months, we offer a free check to make sure your tyres are keeping you safe on the road.


New Zealand roads are notoriously rough, and potholes, uneven surfaces and kerbs can quickly push your wheels out of alignment. Our wheel alignment service will keep your tyres tracking true to the road, reducing their wear and lengthening their lifespan.

High Performance vehicle tyre care

As any premium vehicle owner will know, every little improvement goes a long way. Our Tyre Works store has Road Force Balance equipment, the only equipment of its kind in the Bay of Plenty!  

Does your vehicle pull to one side, vibrate, shudder and shake? Are you struggling with your steering or handling? Our investment in the latest technology and equipment means we can offer you a complete tyre & wheel diagnosis that is unique in New Zealand. All drivers can benefit from a Road Force Balance, but it’s especially beneficial for drivers of high-performance vehicles with low-profile tyres.

Our premium package of $179 covers a Premium Wheel Alignment and Road Force Balance.

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Time to upgrade to High Performance tyres?

If you’re tackling twisting, rough New Zealand roads, or drive a premium car, we highly recommend a performance-oriented tyre. Our team have hand picked the very best of high performance tyres, and are always ready to help you find the perfect fit for your car.

Looking for high-quality, affordable car tyres? Find your tyre size, or call our team on 0800 634 289.


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