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What’s all the hype about Mickey Thompson tyres?

You’ll see Mickey Thompson’s on all the Tyre Works Mega utes - Our Ranger has clocked up 100,000 kms on its current set of Mickey’s and still going strong!

Mickey Thompson was a racing legend. Since 1963, Mickey Thompson Tires has always been an Enthusiast Brand. Mickey Thompson built his products to WIN—he built them from necessity. We hold fast to Mickey’s values, his unceasing drive for faster—better.

The core values are the guiding principles that dictate behaviour and action at Mickey Thompson.

  • We were born on the track and have never left
  • We take Mickey’s legacy SERIOUSLY & we continue to build record breaking products
  • We value the loyalty of enthusiasts who continue to WIN and experience our products
  • We are committed to building the BEST products for Street, Strip & Off-Road
  • We never stop, we’re never satisfied, we always “STAND ON THE GAS”

1. America's Specialty 4WD Tyre Company

  • 4 different carcass constructions - Bias, Bias-Belted, Radial and PowerPly
  • Huge range of specialty sizes
  • Off-road racing tyre specialists constructions

2. Deeper Tread

Having 12.5% deeper tread than most other brands means more grip, more kilometres and more resistance to damage.

3. Stronger Sidewalls

20% more rubber in the upper sidewall reduces the chance of sidewall damage. Thicker sidewalls means Mickey Thompson tyres have a higher load capacity than many other brands

4. Sidewall Protection

Deep sidebiters take the punishment and reduce sidewall damage. Mickey Thompson's stand up straighter compared to other brands, which means they are less prone to damage.

5. Leaders in Tread Technology

A. Sipes - All sipes are within the tread block to reduce chipping and tearing.

B. Modern Tread Pattern - Latest designs have longitudinal water channels to clear water quickly and are designed with less tread squirm for longer mileage.

6. Ultimate Angle for Cutting and Self Cleaning

23° is the ultimate angle for cutting and self cleaning. (Used on plough blades, tractor tyres and razor blades). This means you get maximum traction and the same level of road noise as less aggressive tyres.

7. Deep Sidebiters

A unique step design for climbing out of ruts. Positioned to protect the sidewall from off road damage

8. Specialty Sizes

Mickey Thompson Tires have the world's largest and most diverse range of 4X4 sizes from 30" to 54" diameters and 8" to 19.5" wide!

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