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Why does my vehicle need a Wheel Alignment?

Increase the life you get from your tyres & save $$$

It is very important to get a Wheel Alignment done after having tyres fitted. Correct Wheel Alignment is the major difference in maximising the life you get from your tyres.

There is never a better time to align your vehicle than when you replace your tyres, it’s the best insurance you can give your investment. A full wheel alignment will help to:

  • Prolong tyre life - This helps you to get the most from your tyres before replacements are required.
  • Improve handling - You will increase stability in severe weather and on bad roads and cornering (eliminates vehicle pull).
  • Increase fuel efficiency - When your wheels are not correctly aligned correctly, they will be working inefficiently against each other, causing the engine to work harder. Correctly aligned wheels work in harmony to make it easier on your engine so you will save fuel and money.
  • Reduces suspension and parts wear & tear - You will minimise future repair costs.
  • Improves driver safety - You will help eliminate unsafe driving and unstable steering problems especially under braking.
  • Reduce Driver Fatigue - You will eliminate the need to over compensate to keep vehicle driving correctly!

Ensuring your wheels are in alignment helps to:

  • Keep you and your family safe on the road
  • Maximises your tyres lifespan
  • Increases your fuel economy and saves you $$$

Why get your Wheel Alignment at Tyre Works Mega?

  • A Quick Check is FREE
  • We employ the latest equipment and technology that is the most accurate available anywhere which produces a visual printout of your alignment before and after!
  • We have expertly trained staff with experience to align wheels on ANY car, ute, van or 4x4
  • We can do it while you wait…or you can make an appointment to come back…your choice!
  • Ensure the warranty on new tyres supplied and fitted by us

Thank you for choosing Tyre Works Mega & drive safely.


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