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Electric car tyres

Eco tyres that deliver excellence in efficiency

Your electric vehicle has been designed with the most modern, eco-friendly technology, so make sure you’re using tyres that measure up.

Our range of eco tyres are made with specific features to support your carbon-reducing driving lifestyle. They will keep you safe and make sure your electric vehicle keeps its value for longer.

best tyres for ev cars

A smoother, quieter driving experience

Our electric vehicle tyres work seamlessly with your car to enhance your comfortable, quiet driving experience.

At Tyre Works Mega, we only use the best, and for electric vehicle tyres, Pirelli’s are just that. The new Pirelli ‘Green Performance’ philosophy makes their tyres more eco-friendly by reducing the environmental impact during manufacture and over the life of the tyre.

The best eco tyres essentially work to make your electric vehicle’s battery last for longer. Our team of experts can help you find the best fit for your car.

So what are you looking for in the perfect electric vehicle tyre?


As with any car, your electric vehicle has one very important aim: to keep you on the road. Because of the electric vehicle’s ability to accelerate and decelerate very quickly, your eco tyres need to have great grip. They also need to reduce the energy they use to turn, lowering your environmental impact and taking you further on one charge. Pirelli’s electric vehicle tyres have been designed with this perfect balance in mind.


Electric vehicles and hybrids have battery packs which make them heavier than regular cars. This isn’t great for aerodynamics, so the ideal tyres help to bring this weight back down. They are the perfect balance of light and durable, saving energy for you, your car and the environment.


The last thing you want is rumbling tyres to disrupt the lovely hush of your EV. Pirelli’s eco tyres have been specially designed to give you a smooth, silent ride. Their Noise Cancelling technology reduces perceived noise by half, for your driving comfort.

Our experienced team can help you find the perfect eco tyres for your EV


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